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About Dream Big Projects

Dream Big Projects was born in 2012, and is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, Hulda Libre and Ignatius Munengwa. At Dream Big Projects we teach, inspire and motivate tomorrow’s leaders to dream big and make a difference … not just a living.
 With The Dream Big Career Workbooks we provide 52 exciting careers jam-packed with fun facts, inspiring activities, jobs/career exploration worksheets, useful tips, life skills as well as tons of colourful  inspiration to help kids discover and pursue their dreams.

Our latest edition is The Delicious Dream Big Career Activity eBook for girls.
AVAILABLE NOW! It is absolutely gorgeous, and we know you will love it!
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The Dream Big Career Activity Books are the result of collaborating globally with professional career planners, educators, life coaches, mindfulness teachers and artists – to help kids find their purpose in life.

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Our inspiring products & sample pages

Why people love our products:

“The Delicious Activity Book is just such a fun filled, action packed explosion of information, colour and graphics. I just love it! I start each day with a smile on my face”
– Sande

It’s exciting, inspiring and helpful!

– Briana Adams (age 15)

“Anything that opens up doors of the imagination in such a fun, creative and colourful way is a great thing.”
– Jocelyn Styles (age 12)