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Behind the Scenes

About Hulda Libre

An Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer, Author, Career Guidance Publisher and Personal Development Coach. Hulda started her graphic design company in 2001, and after many years working on educational projects, decided to create her own products that uplift and inspire. Shortly after Libre Publishing was born in 2007.

She has been using her passion, design, gifts of writing, and teaching to help others growth their mindset and discover their dreams.

About Ignatius Munengwa

Known as the “Dream Builder”. As an innovator and entrepreneur he believes that “every child is born with a purpose and a destiny to fulfill.” He is passionate about getting people to link education to their dreams early on in life in order to make a difference to society. His ultimate goal is to inspire students to dream big, start small and finish strong!

Ignatius joined forces with Hulda Libre in 2012 when Dream Big Projects started its journey.

This is why we are awesome:

  • Published The Delicious Career Diary for girls in 2008
  • Published The Dream Big Diary in 2012
  • Published The Delicious Career Activity eBook for girls
  • Developed 12 Career Posters – linking subjects to careers
  • The Dream Big Diary has been endorsed by the Ministers of Education of Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Together, we use inspiring career guidance, solid educational principles, growth mindset tools, life skills and powerful optimism to help young people find a place for themselves in the world.

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