Dream Big Diary

Too many youths finish school without sufficient information about themselves and key skills to succeed in today’s marketplace. This has led to an increase in youth unemployment and a big disconnect of school and the educational learning experience to the evolving marketplace in general.

Vision – Solution

Our vision is to be strategic in how we are connecting learners to careers. Our focus is to expose our youths to scarce and critical skills so families and students can be more strategic and intentional in planning for their future.


To connect learners to key resources that allow them to make better-informed decisions about their future life. We have sought to this through-
Scarce Skill Dream Big Diary Workbook
Dream Big Subject-specific exercise books
Dream Big App

Linking education to the marketplace by the following mantra –
Dream Big- Start Small – Finish Strong!

About Dream Big Projects

Dream Big Projects was born in 2012, and is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, Hulda Libre and Ignatius Munengwa.

At Dream Big Projects we teach, inspire and motivate tomorrow’s leaders to dream big and make a difference … not just a living.

With The Dream Big Career Workbooks we provide 52 exciting careers jam-packed with fun facts, inspiring activities, jobs/career exploration worksheets, useful tips, life skills as well as tons of colourful  inspiration to help kids discover and pursue their dreams.

Our products are the result of collaborating globally with professional career planners, educators, life coaches, mindfulness teachers and artists – to help kids find their purpose in life.

Dream Big Diary Career Guicance book

“The wealth of career information, together with valuable esteem-building activities will not only expose kids to an exciting world of possibilities, but also will give them enough self-esteem to pursue their dreams.” – Liesl van D.

“The Dream Big Diary is an excellent tool for both parents and students to explore each student’s unique capabilities. If you are serious about your child’s future, you need to invest in a Dream Big Diary!” – Mary Chisango

career guidance testimonial 1
“As an ex-student adviser regarding possible careers, I have not come across a book with more information presented in a with-it, colourful, compact way. Parents and teachers will not find a more informative book on possible careers as a reference book for themselves.” – F. Rademeyer