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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
– Nelson Mandela

“Recent statistics released by the Institute of Race Relations show that 51% of Africans between the ages of 15-29 are unemployed. This equates to almost half of the youth population. This percentage consists of many school-leavers with matric and tertiary qualifications. Each year large numbers of young people pass their matric year with no clear direction of how they will find employment opportunities afterwards. There are many reasons linked to this problem, of which a lack of career guidance in schools is the most common.” 1

Dream Big Projects Africa aims to transform the lives of young people through educational products and tools which inspire them to follow their dreams by linking education to the marketplace.

We have identified a gap in the education system. Learners don’t have the information and support they need to make the right career choices, leading them to pursue qualifications and careers they’re not suited to. This resulting high unemployment, high student drop-out rates, low job performance and satisfaction have a negative impact on society and the economy.

Africa’s future depends on its ability to overcome poverty and inequality.  We believe that education is the key to addressing the related issues of unemployment, high college and university drop-out rates, and to creating a happy and productive workforce.

“Many school leavers believe their only chance of future employment lies in gaining some qualification. So, they rush into tertiary education, irrespective of their suitability for the subjects chosen. Little wonder that the drop-out rate for first year students at college and university stands at around 35%.“ 2

Pursuing the wrong career has a negative effect not only on the happiness, self-esteem and motivation of the individual, but on the infrastructure that supports them in their studies and later depends on their contribution in their field.

When students drop out of college or universities, there are wasted costs incurred by parents and companies who invested in their tuition fees. Further wasted costs are incurred when school and university leavers are employed in careers they are not suited to.

“A recent survey of 115,000 people from 33 different countries indicated that 50% of the people surveyed felt that they had chosen the wrong career and 80% of people feel that their natural talents are not used to their full potential in their current career position.”  3

A large proportion of employees feel “stuck” in their careers. This leads to low morale, poor performance and bad service levels.

“Further company training tends to have only a short-term effect. In the end, unhappy employees either leave or are dismissed. In either case, the cost to the business is substantial – recruitment costs, training costs, hidden costs resulting from the poor performance and the lack of continuity within the business.” 4

The impact that making the wrong career choice can have, not only on the individual, but on society, inspired us to create a more holistic and complete approach to career guidance.

We realised that education alone does not provide a strong enough foundation for our youth; it needs to be coupled with the resources for learners to reflect on their ambitions, interests and abilities, exposure to a diverse range of career options and the support they need to channel that insight into the right career path for them. In light of an ever changing and evolving market place, we have focused on exposing students to scarce and critical skills.

Each of us should be taught to understand what our real talents are, and then we can confidently pursue the right education for us – one that can bring long-term, sustainable fulfillment.

Dream Big Projects Africa has bridged the gap between education and life after school by developing The Scarce Skills Dream Big Diary, Dream Big Career Posters and the Dream Big Exercise Books in 2021/2022 back to school.

It’s not just about career guidance, it’s about introducing a new and innovative approach to schools, that will help learners understand themselves better, identify their true passion and connect this to market gaps that guide them towards the career that will allow them to reach their full potential and make a meaningful contribution to society.

We believe that real change starts from within, and empowering the individual through targeted career guidance will ultimately contribute to:

  1. Building a happier, more motivated and productive workforce
  2. Lowering drop-out rates at colleges and universities
  3. Reducing youth unemployment and increasing youth entrepreneurship
  4. Reducing wasted investments in tuition by parents and company sponsors in the form of bursaries
  5. Reducing recruitment costs, training costs and other hidden costs resulting from lack of motivation and poor performance through mismatched interests.
  6. Making a positive and focused strategic contribution to the economic visions of African nations
  7. The long-term creation of an increased skills pool from which companies can draw new talent.

“If people find jobs and career paths that utilise their potential and meet their own goals, they are likely to be more motivated and therefore more productive, enhancing national prosperity.” 5

Career Guidance Facts

A recent career guidance survey from 33 different countries indicated that 50% of the people felt that they had chosen the wrong career and 80% of people feel that their natural talents are not used to their full potential in their current career position.

This inspired us to create these amazing career guidance tools …

Dream Big Career Guidance Diary

More than just Career Guidance

We believe career guidance should be at the heart of education! We realised that education alone does not provide a strong enough foundation for our youth; it needs to be coupled with resources for our children to reflect on their ambitions, interests and abilities.

Career expert Dawn Rosenbeg McKay says: “When our children are trying to choose careers, there are two vital things they should do that will help them make better decisions. First, they have to learn about themselves. Secondly, they have to explore careers that might be a good fit based on what they’ve they learned.”

Our products are designed to capture our children’s imagination and to open their mind to new possibilities. Come, let’s find out what their dreams are made of …


Known as the “Dream Builder”. As an innovator and entrepreneur he believes that “every child is born with a purpose and a destiny to fulfill.”

He is passionate about getting people to link education to their dreams early on in life in order to make a difference to society. His ultimate goal is to inspire students to dream big, start small and finish strong!

Ignatius joined forces with Hulda Libre in 2012 when Dream Big Projects started its journey.


An Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer, Author, Career Guidance Publisher and Personal Development Coach. Hulda started her graphic design company in 2001, and after many years working on educational projects, decided to create her own products that uplift and inspire. Shortly after Libre Publishing was born in 2007.

She has been using my passion for design, and gifts of writing and teaching to help others discover their dreams. Join thousands of big dreamers who are using our products to go on the ultimate journey of self-discovery!

This is why we are awesome:

  • Published The Delicious Career Diary for girls in 2008
  • Published The Dream Big Diary in 2012
  • Published The Delicious Career Activity eBook for girls
  • Developed 12 Career Posters – linking subjects to careers
  • The Dream Big Diary has been endorsed by the Ministers of Education of Namibia and Zimbabwe
  • Scare Skill Dream Big Diary

Together, we use inspiring career guidance, solid educational principles, life skills and powerful optimism to help young people find a place for themselves in the world.

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