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About The Scarce Skills Dream Big Diary

Most teenagers finish high school without enough information about life after school, leaving them and their parents frustrated. The Scarce Skills Dream Big Diary gives learners the ultimate advantage as they make post-high school decisions. A scarce skill is a job or skill for which there are too few available people to do the job or start a business in. Studying for a scarce skill would not only mean helping yourself but also your country.

The Scarce Skills Dream Big Diary explores 50 different career options. It covers all 6 career fields, which include:

  1. Agriculture & Natural Resources
  2. Arts & Communication
  3. Business, Management & Administration
  4. Industrial & Engineering Technology
  5. Health Science
  6. Human Services 

It has been created to get learners thinking, to motivate and inspire them to find their passion and interests in life and to help them make conscious decisions for their futures. More than just providing a bright, funky and inspiring tool for day-to-day use, the diary will capture the imagination of our teenagers, open their minds to new possibilities and inspire them to create an exciting vision for their lives. It is likely that you will find a job more easily. Some of the qualifications are also globally scarce, which means that more international opportunities will be available.

The Scarce Skills Dream Big Diary will help learners to be strategic and intentional in finding their sense of direction in the adult world. Let us help educate our children to fulfil their purpose in life. Science, technology, engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education and careers are a national priority and SYEAM workers play a key role in the sustained growth and stability of economies.  Let’s give our children a chance to discover themselves and pursue their destiny.

Africa needs to be strategic in how it empowers the youth. We believe in youth empowerment through focused capacity building. Africa should not continue to outsource key skills and jobs to “outsiders” but should intentionally develop these skills from its youth. This product is a strategic tool for governments, parents and educators whose aim it is to help educate and motivate kids to begin with the end in mind and make better informed decisions about their future in light of continually changing circumstances in the marketplace.

About The The Dream Big Career Posters

The Dream Big Career posters are designed to connect school subjects to the workplace. The posters give learners insight into career options linked to the subjects they enjoy at school. Fifteen school subjects are linked to about 120 career choices each, and their associated training and educational requirements.

List of subject/career posters:

  • Art
  • Biology / Life Science
  • Business studies
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Studies
  • Economics
  • English
  • Environmental Science
  • Food and Nutrition & Fashion and Fabric
  • Geography
  • History
  • Maths
  • Media Studies
  • Physics
  • Social Science